Our Activities

Mr. Bi Demonstrates Teabowls April 2022 


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Raku, September 2019

The pit fire process

Janet explaining how to add plants & chemicals for surface decoration.

Adjusting the flame

Sharon & Jenna adjusting the flame on the raku kiln.

Removing the pottery

Steve taking a piece out of the kiln with tongs, to be placed in a bucket with sawdust & paper in it.

The result!

The raku pieces, on a table & on the ground.

Into the buckets!

After the pieces are placed in the buckets with sawdust, newspaper is added, the pottery catches it all on fire, & a lid is placed on the bucket.

Hanging out

Enjoying each other's company as we wait for the firing process.

Working with Porcelain & Glazes, Tammy Martinez, December 2019


Tammy's porcelain vases with her glazes

The process

Tammy Martinez shares her glazing process

Crystalline glaze

Crystalline glaze; purple/blue crystals blossoming all over the vase

Butter glaze

Wood fired cup with butter glaze - oranges & yellows


Vase, white body with black neck from ash

Glaze recipes

Tammy shared her glaze recipes & firing settings


Pedestal; 1/3 alumina, 1/3 EPK, 1/3 sawdust


Glaze up close




Tammy shared her pieces, letting each of us take one home