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Michael Cohen Holdahl

From the moment I observed my 11th grade art teacher working at the pottery wheel I was hooked. I fell in love with the qualities of clay. Plastic, fluid, soft, stiff, delicate, and fragile yet willing to respond to a trained hand. I devoted my first career, over 30 years, to teaching ceramics. I have had some wonderful “timeouts,” completing a Masters Degree in Ceramics, attending many workshops to develop my skills and interest in pottery, and traveling extensively to Italy, Japan, and Latin America to study Ceramics.  My recent teaching experience as an adjunct professor of Ceramics at Hood College initiated a spark to develop my own personal ceramic work.  When I create ideas for the forms, it is the clay dictating the shape.  My fingers move across the soft mass of clay, shifting, contorting, and embellishing the form and surface. It is a struggle to escape the demands of function embellishing the decorative surface, demanding ultimate thinness and beauty of form and at the same time exploring the quality of translucency. Thank you for purchasing my work, I hope you enjoy your selection for a lifetime.

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